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Our process

At Oro Creative, going through each of these steps thoroughly assures that your campaign will meet its fullest potential.

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The Brief

This is where it all starts! This is where we learn about you!


We want to know everything. What your product or services are, what you do well, what your goals are, who you are aiming to target, timelines and more! Each step of this process allows us to work together and completely strategise a full-proof plan to meet your objectives.


Creative Thinking Process

Our expert in-house team will brainstorm and devise a plan based on the brand data and the campaign brief.

You can trust that we will be creative, push the boundaries and plan a campaign that exceeds your expectations.


Partners Selection

We know that while the marketing sphere is ever-changing, the key is to work with partners who are authentic and credible. That’s why we work with a range of partners across different verticals. We present you with optional partners based on reach, localization, performance and diversity and match to your brand brief.



Consider us the middle-man between your brand and the creators.


We handle the projects, the negotiations and closing the deals.



See the campaign come to life!

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