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Creator Ads VS. UGC Ads

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, the battle for consumer attention is fierce and brands need to stay on top of the game to make sure they’ve captured the attention and loyalty of their target audiences.

There are tons of ways for brands to stand out and different strategies available, but as social and digital platforms are becoming more saturated, understanding the nuances and effectiveness of those advertising methods is crucial for brands to ensure they make a lasting impact. 

Both Creator-Made Ads and UGC Ads leverage the power of social authenticity, but they do so in fundamentally different ways. Creator-Made Ads tap into the influence of professional content creators, often leveraging their polished skills and ‘well-known professional position. On the other hand, UGC Ads harness the voices of everyday consumers, emphasizing genuine experiences.

In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into the distinctive characteristics of Creator-Made Ads and UGC Ads, examining their respective strengths and weaknesses. By the end, you’ll have a clearer understanding of which strategy aligns best with your brand’s goals and how you can effectively implement them in your marketing campaigns.

Types of Creators

Creator-Made Ads:

For Creator-Made Ads, brands should align with creators who are thought leaders or experts in their industry - this can range from finance, technology, beauty, parenting and so on. By leveraging the use of experts, they are able to speak from first-hand experience and add a certain level of credibility to the content and therefore trustworthiness for the brand.

UGC Ads:

For UGC Ads, brands don’t necessarily need to choose creators who are thought leaders or experts in their respective fields, this allows more flexibility for the type of creators used and therefore widen the reach.


Creator-Made Ads:

Localization is available with Creator Made Ads by partnering with experts and thought leaders in those countries where brands are looking to promote their products. 

UGC Ads:

Localization is available with UGC Ads by partnering with content creators in the countries where brands are looking to promote their products. 

Scripts & Best Practices

Creator-Made Ads:

Creator-Made Ads are ideated, written and produced by those who know the product best - creators who are experts in their field! They come up with the narrative, write the script and create the content themselves to maintain their personal perspective. This type of ad strictly follows Google’s best practices for video performance ads.

UGC Ads:

With UGC Ads, brands usually come up with the script themselves and ask the creators to follow. In some cases, there is more flexibility for the creators to add their own twist to the content. The creators can add their own flair to ensure that the content also aligns with their personality and tone of voice.

Production Value

Creator-Made Ads:

The Creator-Made Ads present a higher production value in most cases.

UGC Ads:

The UGC Ads usually present a rougher, almost unedited production style


Creator-Made Ads:

Creator-Made Ads can be created and edited in any format and dimensions, so the brands are able to use it across various platforms, allowing for more versatility for brand usage and ad-placements.

UGC Ads:

UGC Ads are created, constructed and edited in a vertical format, which is best practice for a lot of social platforms. However, this does mean there are some limitations on the brand’s usage abilities on other platforms where content is not vertical.



Creators Type

Thought-leader content creators

Flexibility when choosing content creators




Content creation process

Ideated, written & produced by creator

Scripted by the brands, executed by the creators

Production value


Diverse and usually raw


Formatted in all dimensions

Vertical formatting only


Wide use for ad-placements

Limited use for vertical ad-placements

Key Takeaways

Creator-Made Ads offer is an extremely effective way to produce authentic and valuable creative assets whilst building the authenticity of trustworthiness of your brand to a large audience. If you are looking to do all of this, and utilize experts in the field and target their audience - then creator-made ads are for you!

UGC Ads, while having far more flexibility in the content creators you can work with, does have limitations to the production value and ad placements - so while you are producing great content, it may not have the versatility you are looking for.

Both options are excellent for brands to elevate their marketing efforts and diversify the way they work with content creators. Based on their goals, budget and brand messaging, brands can implement them to grow and expand their marketing efforts and channels.

Want to learn more about Creator-Made Ads and UGC ads?


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