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The Rise of Creator-Made Ads

Updated: Jun 20

What if you could create an ad without the look and feel of an ad?

We all know the feeling of impatience that comes over us when we’re waiting to skip an ad because the reality is, as consumers, we can sniff out advertisements from a while away. So what if brands were able to promote their product in a more effective way than hired actors, stale scripts and huge productions?

People react to ads and brands based on how authentic they perceive them. When your ad comes off as more authentic, the audience will see your brand positively and favorably, evoking a stronger connection to your brand’s values, products or services.

The traditional advertising model is being challenged by a new and dynamic approach: creator-made ads. Creator-made ads allow you to leverage the creator's talent to create and produce engaging, high quality videos and promote them across your media channel. As social media platforms have grown, so too has the influence of content creators who use these platforms to connect with millions of followers. But it’s not just about influencer marketing and organic posts, this blog discusses creator-made ads, why they matter, and how brands can leverage them effectively to give themselves an edge.

What are Creator-Made Ads?

Creator ads are 60-90 second advertisements developed by content creators, who are the experts in producing engaging content on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and more.

Unlike traditional ads, which are usually big productions developed by agencies who cast actors and write scripted copy, creator-made ads are ideated, written and produced by those who live & breathe content and know the social media world better than anybody else. Content creators are native to their platforms, making them the ultimate brands’ one-stop-shop creative and production partners.

The Benefits of Creator-Made Ads:

Trust and Authenticity -

Ads created by influencers feel more personal and genuine resulting in an increase of 27% in brand favorability when they align with the creator's values, style, and tone of voice.

Relevancy -

Creator ads can serve as a powerful marketing tool for brands of all sizes and for all product types. Whether you promote a DTC brand, SaaS platform, B2B product or a small business service, creator ads are a great way to get in front of your target audience in an engaging and authentic manner. 

Lean, Scalable Production Process -

Collaborating with influencers can streamline the content creation process, resulting in a lower Cost Per Acquisition = (an average of -11% lowered CPA) and a more cost-efficient production budget (an average savings of -169% on production costs).

Innovative & Engaging Content -

Creators bring their own creativity and unique perspective to ads, delivering a 48% higher Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) due to more innovative and engaging content that drive improved results for brands.

Localization -

Partnering with local creators that produce ads in their native language while being aware of market sensitivities and perceptions can help brands reach new demographics effectively, leading to an increase of 139% in brand searches.

How Brands Start The Journey of Creator-Made Ads

Identifying the Right Creators -

Choosing the right creator is crucial! Brands should look for creators who are thought leaders or experts in their field, whether it be finance, technology, or fashion, so they can speak from a first-hand perspective.

Another important aspect that is often overlooked is the production quality. Every creator has their own unique take when it comes to editing and tone of voice. It’s important for brands to connect to the speed, flow, music, and editing style of the creators because their ads will serve as the “face” of the brand. Making sure the alignment between the brand and creator is there, is a significant part of the selection process.

Setting The Terms For Success -

  • Maintaining Authenticity

Audiences can quickly detect when a creator is promoting a product that they don’t truly believe in. This can reflect negatively on both the creator's and the brand's reputation. That’s why it’s important to pick a creator from your industry that can authentically speak about the pain points they've experienced and how the brand’s product or service solves this problem. This is the best way to achieve the organic look and feel that the audience can then positively respond to.

  • Measuring ROI

Measuring the return on investment for creator-made ads can be complex. Brands need to track various metrics throughout the sales funnel, such as engagement rates, website traffic, and sales conversions, to gauge the effectiveness of their campaigns.

  • Creating Successful Ads

It’s important to remember that creator-made ads are still ads. That means that, more than just creating engaging content it’s important to be very clear on what you’re promoting. Brands need to follow the best practices for video ads in order to make sure they set the ads for success when it comes to performance metrics.

Why Choose Creator-Made Ads?

  1. Diversify your creative assets

  2. Better engage with professional communities

  3. Interact with thought-leaders in your field

  4. Create long-term partnerships with creators

  5. Lean & scalable process for ads creation

  6. Reach new audiences

  7. Localization

Key Takeaways:

Creator-made ads represent a significant shift in the advertising landscape. Their authenticity, engagement, and cost-effectiveness make them an attractive option for brands looking to produce valuable creative assets while connecting their audience in an effective way. 

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